Unlock Your Remote Viewing Potential with Our Unique CRV/ARV App


Unlock your hidden intuitive abilities and explore the world of remote viewing with our unique practice app! Remote viewing targets in your phone - remote view anywhere, anytime.

Why Use Our Remote Viewing App?

  • User-Friendly: Enjoy a simple and efficient interface that’s easy to navigate and offers fast target generation.

  • Not a game. This is a real tool that helps you pratice more and get better faster. 

  • Engaging and Diverse Targets: With hundreds of possible targets, keep your mind engaged and challenged. Our targets contain easy-to-recognize symbols, ensuring your practice remains interesting and rewarding.

  • Did we mention it’s FREE?

remote viewing training app
  • Privacy Matters: Create private targets by asking and answering questions of your choice. Rest assured, your questions are never stored or shared.

  • New to Remote Viewing? Check out our optional training materials. We took the CIA training manual and made it quick and easy to to get started! We don’t teach classes, but we want everyone to be as excited about this as we are so we created some great materials get you started and can even give you recommendations on who teaches comprehensive classes if you want. 

  • We don’t sell your data or bother you with ads. It’s a re

remote viewing practice

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Why not sell our App? Because the app stores charge crazy expensive fees which would mean we either need to sell your data, hassle you with ads, or charge expensive purchase prices.  This was a personal project we don’t need to monitize. We’d rather do something nice for the world.


Interested In taking a class

Are you ready to explore the hidden depths of your mind and uncover the mysteries of the universe? 

We don’t offer classes but we can recommend some of the best training currently available (online and in person) —  some from personal recommendations because we have taken them ourselves! 

Learn to remote view with the best training available outside the military!

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